February Update

We are now 6 months out from the World Transplant Games!

Training is continually stepping up. My personal training at SMA has moved into more HIIT training for cardiovascular endurance, and specialised sling systems for technique and reducing the load on the body when running.

My running training has stepped somewhat sideways as we have switched to low heart rate training. Even though my heart arrythmia hasnt given me too much trouble, I have been finding that my heart rate regularly runs very high, and this ‘peak’ is occurring too early and putting my body into a heightened level of stress.

Fundraising has been hectic to put it simply. I have most of the details squared away for the Captain Marvel movie night, which I am hoping is a success. Head over to the Capt Marvel page for more information! I am honoured that SMA have decided to maintain me as their charity bootcamp beneficiary.

Bootcamp for February was a load of fun, and I took along my tiny human as a cheerleader. I think she had an absolute ball yelling ‘go! go! go!’ at everyone participating, and generally trashing the gym!

This next month looks to be super busy with medical screenings, a cardiac stress test, as well as time spent working on mindset.

As the date looms for the Games, and training intensifies month after month, the pressure is starting to take its toll on mind and body. So taking some time out to work on focus and relaxation is always a good thing.

Speaking of intensified training, it is *supposed* to be picking up every month, however it has all hit a wall this week. I have been suffering from huge amounts of nerve pain and muscle cramps. I have spoken about these before and they come and go as they please over the years, and usually hang around for a week or so at a time (if not longer). They are not electrolyte related, and we still have no idea of the cause, so chalk it up as a ‘graft v host’ issue. They leave me completely wrecked, feeling like I have run a marathon every night. For some reason it is always worse at night. The pains start in my feet, with all of the muscles around the bones spasming and twisting the bones in the wrong direction. You think that description sounds bad. That is the pleasant version! The pains travel up my legs as the night continues, and by morning I get a blissful hour to 2 hours sleep where there isnt any pain. It is usually around 8 hours or so of continual nerve firing, muscle contraction cycles, which leave my poor already tired muscles absolutely fatigued, stiff and even sorer.

I get the same happen in my hands as well after repetitive movements. Not the best for someone that types for a majority of the day. But these are manageable and dont cause me too much distress other than the pain at the time, and looking pretty terrible with my hands cramped up and looking like claws.

So a thank you to Josh, my awesome coach, for giving me a reminder last night that I have pushed myself so hard for so long and need to give both body and mind a rest for a few days.

But onwards and upwards, and if anyone can manage all of this, I think it is me.

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