Sausage Sizzles, Sickness, Sprints and Shoes

It is a month of S’s! And for once none of them are swear words!

I can’t believe that we are already in November. The year is racing by (get it!)

The fundraising has been going very well, with support from WAUR Association as well as a Bunnings Sausage Sizzle last week. The Bunnings event was fun but boy was it a long day!

Hill sprints have now become well and truly ingrained in my weekly training. I have a love/hate relationship with them. I love that they are working me hard. I love that they are showing me I am capable of achieving some pretty tough runs. I love that they are improving my cardio endurance, speed and strength. I hate that they are hills. I hate that they are sprints!

Continuing with the S theme, I realised that I forgot to share this video earlier of my story! Some of you may have already seen it from the FB post.

Onto the next S – sickness! Scott and I have been plagued with colds lately. Thanks tiny human germ factory daughter of mine! It hasnt put too much of a dent into my training though so that is a good thing!

I stepped out of my comfort zone earlier this week and got a pair of Hoka One One’s. Excuse the very scarred knees!

Unfortunately, no matter how good they look with the compression socks, I am having to take them back this afternoon. My feet apparently just arent cut out for Hokas. I could break them in, or rather, break my feet into them but the risk of injury is too high. I cant afford to have an injury that causes time off from training.

Speaking of training, I have completed the first month with my run coach and am moving onto the next phase now. We have also switched to a new month of strength training at the gym. My PT is now teaching me sling systems. If you have a secret desire to learn all about these fantastic things and all the benefits to your running economy (or other sporting economy), reduced strain on muscles etc, hit me up! I will happily chat about it!

The countdown really is on now though. Next month registrations open for the games so that is exciting. And we are looking at flights and hoping to book them in the next couple of weeks. How very exciting!

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