2018 Wrap

And it is almost a wrap on 2018!
What a year it has been!

Starting with a goal of getting fit, then breaking my foot, then deciding to go for Gold so to speak, and train to compete in the World Transplant Games.

It has been busy in the #TeamMUDBlood camp.

My training has been steadily building, my feet are now under control (mostly) thanks to some new orthotics. I have been seeing a physio that specialises in breathing mechanics, and my running and strength training are giving me a solid base.

Our flights are now booked, and registration to the Games is almost complete! Just a few more t’s to cross, and i’s to dot and it will all be set!

I am so grateful of the fundraising opportunities that we have had so far. We have held 2 sausage sizzles at Bunnings, with a 3rd tomorrow as a very last minute affair. I have also had the chance to be involved in 2 charity bootcamps at SMA (my gym) and the proceeds from all of these events have been very much appreciated!

We have now raised more than $6000 towards the goal of $20,000. Still such a long way to go!

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