With today being national R U OK day, I thought I would reach out and ask R U OK?

If you are not, please speak up. I am more than happy to listen if anyone needs an ear. I have needed people to help me throughout the years, so I understand.

If you cannot find someone to talk to, or the person you choose doesn’t seem to listen, please ask someone else, or reach out to an organisation like Lifeline or Beyond Blue. I have used Beyond Blue in the past and they were great.

Today, I am ok. I am feeling pressures at work, but not overwhelmingly so. I am sore from my workouts, but not as sore as I thought I would be. Sidenote – I stepped up my squats last night to 35kg at PT and was sure I wouldn’t be able to move today. But I can!

I am missing someone immensely today though. Jacko passed away 7 years ago today. It doesn’t feel that long ago, but it also feels like a lifetime ago. I know he would be so proud of his beautiful daughter today. So, I am taking some time out today to remember and grieve. Not just for Jacko, but for so many people we have lost along the way. I often don’t let myself think of them, as it is just so many beautiful people.

Today I am ok. Not great. But ok. Tomorrow, who knows.

And to Jacko, you are still missed and loved. And my original statement of please don’t watch us all in the shower still stands.

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