Oh Ffffeet!

A few weeks ago I started to get worried that my fitness levels weren’t improving fast enough. I need to start picking up the pace.

I am getting stronger and my running is improving, that is for sure. But give me a moment where I feel that I am on track, and I can accomplish anything, and I will give you half a dozen moments of self doubt, of fear of disappointing people, of just not being where I should be in my training.

So we upped my training (again). Each month, my strength training develops. Each month, my running training increases. I am now running 6 days a week. 3 days are just ‘warm ups’ for my strength training. Just 10-15 mins at a time. The other 3 involve speed work (sprints), easy effort runs, and then my distance run (being 5km).

I have had the pleasure of a run buddy for the sprints which is great motivation! My usual run buddy is out with a sore knee (I think I broke her with hill sprints a few weeks ago) so have commandeered a replacement!

Last weekend, my gym (SMA) hosted a charity bootcamp with proceeds coming to yours truly. That was tough! A huge thank you to Pep for toughing it out with me!


I must admit, I havent worked that hard in many many years. Felt a huge sense of achievement getting to the end of it though. Although I did have to sit part of it out, to stop myself from passing out. Damn you low blood pressure! But at least I recognise the signs early now. Well, early enough in that I dont actually faint. The signs are pretty obvious – everything starts spinning and tunnel vision begins. It used to be my heart rate that would send me to this point, but am really happy to say that my heart rate whilst this was happening last week was a comfortable 170bpm. I know that isnt comfortable for most, but that is a standard ‘training’ heart rate for me. When running, it usually peaks around 180-190bpm.

I didnt feel too bad Saturday following bootcamp. Was definitely shattered, but all those happy hormones kept me feeling pretty good. Sunday however, was a different story. Sunday morning, woke up, felt good. Not too stiff and sore. This is alright I thought. Headed off to swimming with Erica. Toddler swimming class finished, and I started to feel the soreness. By the end of Sunday (after having to walk 1km back to the car carrying a snoozy deadweight kiddo) I was definitely sore!

I have noticed this week that my feet are starting to hurt as well. Just one foot. Just one part of one foot. Over the past few months I have noticed on a Saturday after my 5k’s, a niggly soreness on the ball of my right foot. It hasnt been too bad, just felt like my shoes didnt have enough cushioning. That prompted the new shoes. I am still breaking them in, but the pain has progressed. It is now feeling like everything is bruised, and there is a pronounced ‘youchie’ spot right at the base of the metatarsal below my big toe.

I went for a run on Tuesday, throwing in some flat sprints, and whilst I run, it is good. Afterwards it is sore. A few hours later, even sorer. I woke up on Wednesday and as I got out of bed, I realised it had progressed from a niggly soreness to a definite pain.

So I have backed off on the running yesterday and today, and heading to see a sports physio/podiatrist this afternoon. Am hoping that it will be an easy fix.

I had similar issues a few years ago, when training to walk Pen y Fan. That involved lots of strapping and some orthotics and the feet settled down. I stopped wearing the orthotics about 18 months-2 years later as they had worn out so much.

Fingers crossed it isnt too painful, in terms of recovery and cost!

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